Details of Governance Mechanism

The governance mechanism is comprised of a four step process, involving Discord, Discourse and Snapshot. These will be linked together with Discord providing access to Discourse governance forums to identify the membership tiers which will be reflected in Discord roles in order that the members meeting the quorum requirement can be identified. The minimum amount of time it would take for a proposal to be passed is 8 days.

Stage 1 - Optional tempcheck
There will be a recommended temp check on Discord, general support, feedback suggestions, collaboration on proposal,

Stage 2 - Compulsory Signal
A rough proposal will be posted on Discourse, to gather feedback including likes. If the post receives 5 likes, it can then pass to the formal proposal stage. If the proposal has not received 5 likes after 7 days then the topic will be closed. Anyone can make a proposal. Proposals will be announced on a Discord announcements channel.

Stage 3 - Formal Proposal and poll
A formal proposal on Discourse can be submitted once the rough proposal in the above stage has received 5 likes. The proposal may be slightly altered, however it should be transparently in the same spirit. This proposal will include a poll with three elements

  • Yes
  • More Discussion
  • No
    In order for a proposal to pass to a Snapshot vote a simple majority (51% of votes cast) is required for Yes. In order for this vote to be valid there is a quorum of 10% SuperUMAns and 3 UMAsters, with the poll running for 5-7 days. Formal proposals will be announced on a Discord announcements channel

Stage 4 - Snapshot vote
If there is more than 51% for yes in the poll in the stage above, the proposal then moves to a Snapshot vote, comprised of a crisp summary of the proposal with link(s) to discussion on Discourse. This snapshot vote requires a 51% majority and a quorum of 50% of the number of people who voted on the discourse poll. The snapshot will be open for 3-7 days.

Utilising Treasury Assets to Vote in Governance or DVM Votes

Stage 1 - Proposal
A proposal on how to vote on the DVM or another governance proposal is made in a dedicated channel in the SuperUMAn Discord

Stage 2a - Proposal is not Disputed
If the proposed vote is not disputed within 2 hours, the proposal is passed directly to a snapshot poll with a voting window of 4 hours.

Stage 2b - Proposal is Disputed
If the proposed vote is disputed within the 2 hour window a discord poll is run with a window of 2 hours. If the proposed vote is confirmed, the proposal is passed to Snapshot with a voting window of 4 hours. If the Discord poll does not confirm the proposal, another proposal may be made as per Stage 1.

Stage 3 - Snapshot Poll
A simple majority is required to trigger the on-chain voting proposal. In the case of UMA DVM votes this will trigger both the commit vote, and the reveal vote 24 hours later.

Mechanism for Confirming Membership Tier changes

  1. Nominations for UMAsters open for 5 days and will be indicated by a self-nomination process through emoji, where if the number of nominations exceeds the number of spaces, a Discord poll for UMAsters will be conducted indicating number of vacancies, Those who receive the highest votes receive the UMAster places. In the event of a tie, a second poll will be run between the tied members.

  2. The Operations Teams will collate nominations from teams in conjunction with the Onboarding Team for Recruits who are being recommended to be promoted to SuperUMAns. Emoji based poll for Recruits promotion to SuperUMAns, organised by Operations Team which includes a short testimonial for each nominated recruit. A minimum of 5 emoji responses from UMAsters and SuperUMAns is required in order for the Recruit to be added to the proposal.

  3. The Operations Teams will collate nominations from teams of SuperUMAns who are being recommended to be moved to Alumni. The Operations team will organise an emoji based poll for SuperUMAns to Alumni, with min of 5 emojis to exclude from the proposal.

  4. Operations team collates the tier changes at the six week point and write the Snapshot, with a simple majority and no quorum and a window of 24 hours.

Implementation of Governance Decisions
SafeSnap will be used to implement the onchain proposal managed by the Governance team.