SUDAO-IP-8: Transfer 5,500 KPI Options to the Operations Team Multi-sig (EXPEDITED)(PASSED)

SUDAO-IP-8: Transfer 5,500 KPI Options to the Operations Team Multi-sig

I want to run this proposal under the expedited governance track defined in SUDAO-IP-2.1.

Executive Summary:

This is a proposal to request funding of 5,500 KPI Options from the DAO treasury to the Operations Team Multi-sig.

These options are collateralized with $UMA tokens with a base value of 0 $UMA and a maximum value of 0.6 $UMA per KPI option at expiry 03/31/22. These options gain value per integration achieved during this epoch. For more information please check here.

A total of 5,500 KPI options are being requested.

4,500 KPI options will be distributed to all 9 teams within the SuperUMAn DAO (500 each) to be used for tipping on discord through

1,000 KPI options will be sent to the Operations team to be used as prizes for events during our end of epoch party.

DAO Balance & Specifications:

75,000 KPI Options have been minted and distributed as ratified in SUDAO-IP-3.

49,550 KPI Options have been distributed to DAO members as KPI Options compensation as ratified in SUDAO-IP-3.

17,500 KPI Options have been distributed to each team’s multi-sig as team based compensation distribution.

The DAO currently holds 7,950 KPI Options that have not been budgeted.

If this vote passes, 5,500 KPI Options will be distributed to the Operations Team Multi-sig and DAO balance of KPI Options will be 2,450.

Voting Timeline under Expedited Governance Rules

Discourse Vote - 48hrs

Snapshot Vote - 48hrs

  • Yes
  • More Discussions Needed
  • No

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Time to get ready to party :partying_face:


First expedited governance proposal !!


well done my fren. gonna start calling you the governator


hahah, appreciate it Poopster.

Thank you!

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