SUDAO-IP-4: Governance Snapshot Quorum (PASSED)


Governance SnapShot Quorum


  • As it stands the Snapshot quorum is fully dependent on how many members have voted on the Discourse.

  • With weighted voting it makes more sense for quorum to be 50% of the total voting power of the entire DAO.

  • Currently to increase the chance of a proposal going through, you want less members to participate in the Discourse formal governance process to decrease the quorum on Snapshot

  • It would be beneficial to have good showings for every vote and to have the majority of members actively participating and be aware of any potential changes to the DAO.

Content of the Proposal:

Change the quorum on snapshot to 50% of the total voting power of the DAO from 50% of the number of members that voted on the discourse formal proposal.

Proposed amendment to Governance of the SuperUMAn DAO:

(The following would make a change within ‘Details of governance Mechanism’

under stage 4 on the 2nd to last sentence. ‘Snapshot Vote’. As well as amend the quorum calculation process to the expedited governance track.)

Amendment to ‘Details of Governance Mechanism’:

Sentence to be changed from:

This snapshot vote requires a 51% majority and a quorum of 50% of the number of people who voted on the discourse poll.

Sentence to be changed to:

This Snapshot vote requires a 51% majority and a quorum of 50% of the total voting power of the DAO.

Amendment to ‘Expedited Governance Track’:

Will change from:

The quorum for the snapshot vote (Stage 4) is 70% of voters from Stage 3;

Will change to:

The quorum for the Snapshot vote (Stage 4) is 70% of total voting power of the entire DAO;

What on-chain actions might this proposal entail:

None at this time.


My understanding is that there’s no method to extract data about who voted for proposals here, and then apply that to Snapshot. Or if there is a method, it would mean intensive hands on work for each and every proposal.

This being the case, I’m in favor of this proposal.

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Ah thanks for bringing this up here! We would have to change the quorum after each tier membership change! The process to do that is pretty straight forward and simple and shouldnt be intensive at all!