SUDAO-IP-3: SuperUMAn DAO Budget and Compensation Plan (PASSED)

SuperUMAn DAO Budget and Compensation Plan

Executive Summary
This proposal defines the budget and compensation plan for SuperUMAn DAO Epoch 1 (Jan '22 - Mar '22). As per the SU DAO Design Principles, the team worked on defining proposals that:

  1. Has sufficient stables to provide a level of stability for our members at all eligible tiers

  2. Distributes KPI Options that’s similar to the framework of prev. epochs

  3. Meets our pre-defined requirements for team budgets to enable operational costs to be covered

  4. Have an allocation of funds for gas & transaction costs

  5. Sufficient reserves such that we can allocate to our defined emergency fund, while also considering additional tipping collateral, DAO actions, sponsorships, grants, bounties etc.

Please note that as the transfer multi-sig was funded with 100,000 UMA at the end of Dec, we have to use a working USD value for UMA. As the treasury seeding details are being worked out, we have opted for a conservative 1 UMA = 5.7 USD for this budget and all calculations within.

This proposal does not contain:

  • The plan for using proxy tokens for tipping and the value in KPI Options (possibly) that each proxy token will be worth
  • The mechanism or details of how peer-evaluation will be carried out, or the distribution of KPI options as a result of the same

This is a required governance step as the Design Principles were setup to allow the DAO members to structure and vote in our own budget and compensation plans.

We have worked through 11 options of the overall DAO budget, including 4 versions of the compensation breakdown, to arrive at a proposal that aims to best balance the responsibilities of the DAO and the expectations of our members.

Content of the Proposal:

The budget breakdown for this epoch works on an operating treasury value assumed to be $570,000:

  • Allocation for compensation in stables is approx. 26% i.e. $150,000
  • Allocation for quarterly KPI Options (which are being designed separately) is 45% i.e. $256,500 (45,000 UMA)
  • Operational costs for each of the 9 teams was set as $2,500/epoch, hence the allocation is approx. 3.9% i.e. $22,500
  • Allocation for gas costs for launching contracts & SU DAO operations is approx. 3.6% i.e. $20,520
  • The remaining percentage covers the $25,000 emergency fund, grants/bounties/dev support, additional collateral for tipping, and overall reserves at approx. 21.1% i.e. $120,480

The compensation details will be shared below in the order noted in the Design Principles:

There should be a stablecoin allocation for members of the DAO who are SuperUMAns or UMAsters

  • $406/month for SuperUMAns
  • $821/month for Core SuperUMAns
  • $1524/month for UMAster

Quarterly KPI options should be available for all DAO members
Note: We will be minting the KPI options with 45,000 UMA and splitting the distribution as follows

  • 100 KPI Options for Basic Members
  • 900 KPI Options for SuperUMAns
  • 1000 KPI Options for Core SuperUMAns
  • 1100 KPI Options for UMAsters

There should be a level of compensation allocated to teams for team based compensation including peer evaluation and tipping.

  • 17,500 KPI Options i.e. approx. 23.3% of overall allocation for KPI Options

Values have been pulled from the final working documents that were presented on Discord prior to this vote with only minor updates to reflect the number of KPI Options to be sent:

What on-chain actions might this proposal entail:
None at this time


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