SUDAO-IP 1: 'Active Status' (PASSED)


Active Status


The reason Active Status is important is because it provides a way to separate inactive members from active members. This will give us an accurate count of how many members are eligible for compensation and governance. There is also another document attached to ‘Active Status’ called ‘Core SuperUMAn’. In ‘Core SuperUMAn’ there is a process outlined for a SuperUMAn to become a ‘Core SuperUMAn’. This is for compensation purposes only not voting power. ‘Core’ was decided by UMA team last epoch and now we need a decentralized way to determine which SuperUMAns are core.

Content of the Proposal:

The Active Status list!:

This list is to give us an accurate account of our membership situation as of 01/11/22! As we get closer to launching the DAO we are going to want accurate information for compensation and uMaster status! So below is a fairly detailed account of how many active, inactive, and semi-active members there are.

‘Core SuperUMAns’

‘Core SuperUMAns’ outlines the process for a SuperUMAn to become a Core SuperUMAn! This is for compensation purposes only, it doesn’t change their voting power. This is relevant to this document because ‘core’ was a given role for compensation last epoch by the UMA team. We now need a decentralized way to determine how a SuperUMAn can become a Core SuperUMAn. There is a section at the bottom of this proposal dedicated to ‘Core SuperUMAns’.


This document will be posted in the SuperUMAn DAO discord for 1 week before going through the official governance process. During this time members can dispute and be reached out via pings/DMs. The community can then vote, via Discord emoji poll (51%), on the disputes at the end of the week and finalize the changes to the proposal. The proposal will then go through the SU governance process.


*Inactive - Has not typed in the Discord in at least 4-6 weeks, the latter half of the last epoch, and is ineligible for compensation. (Their last active date is noted next to their name)

*Semi-Active - Has typed within the last month but has been infrequent; ineligible for compensation.

*Active - Has been actively participating within the last month in discord; eligible for compensation.

*Retain - Honorary DAOplomats that have gone inactive but bring enough value to be reached out to if they haven’t opted in for KPI options.

*Inactive Honorary DAOplomats will have to ‘opt-in’ through Discord emoji reaction by a certain deadline, to join the SuperUMAn DAO (qualifying them for Basic member KPI Options, shared between Recruits and Alumni).

*Alumni - SuperUMAns that have stepped down from their position.

*Bounty Hunter - Those who join the DAO to perform a paid task such as dev work but wouldnt be considered recruits. They can opt-in for recruit status as there would be value to recruit them into the DAO.

*UMIP Review - Either a member or former member of the UMIP review team who would be able to opt-in for recruit rewards. Will reach out to inform of the DAO interest on having them on board and to opt-in if interested.

*UMAsters can comprise up to 20% of the DAO.

*Core - it relates to the splitting of SuperUMAns into “core” and “ordinary” based off of last epochs compensation tier list.

*UMA - SuperUMAns that have been promoted to UMA team member aren’t eligible for SU compensation after clarifying with Clayton | UMA. Will move them to Honorary DAOplomat status with other UMA team members that are involved with the DAO and are ineligible for compensation.

UMAsters (19)

Active (18)

  1. AbsoluteUnit
  2. Coach
  3. Deadcoin
  4. EAsports
  5. Ericbal
  6. Henrystats
  7. Fruitycup
  8. Inalittlewhile
  9. JBamadeus
  10. Mide
  11. Neondaemon
  12. Poapster
  13. Ponmile
  14. PVMihalache
  15. SurfTranquille
  16. Therealtuna
  17. Timigraphicks
  18. Wraithers

Inactive (1)

  1. SeanG (11/12/21)

SuperUMAns (46)

Active (20)

  1. Alex - Documentor
  2. Arcology
  3. Berry
  4. Crushhhh (currently Core)
  5. Doubledee
  6. EverythingBlockChain (currently Core)
  7. Gruad
  8. Hiten
  9. Hash-error (currently Core)
  10. Heruvim78
  11. Kris (currently Core)
  12. Mazygio (currently Core)
  13. Nithin shylendra (currently Core)
  14. rHorse (currently Core)
  15. Shellpen
  16. ShroomPOWER (aka PowerVesting)
  17. Thatcryptogal
  18. Zer8
  19. 0xMitz
  20. MANUEL

Semi active (5)

  1. JJC
  2. Tomo
  3. UMA verse
  4. Walter Wolf
  5. Tenzent

Inactive (17)

  1. eq (10/08/21)
  2. Adrian | DFX (06/07/21)
  3. Angrydeer (08/12/21)
  4. Ap0ll0517.eth (11/03/21)
  5. Cryptouf (10/10/21)
  6. DAO Jones (06/27/21)
  7. Edsonalcala (10/14/21)
  8. Feddas (08/20/21)
  9. Indigo (08/04/21)
  10. Jzjallday (09/03/21)
  11. Momomo (11/14/21)
  12. Orbby12 (10/19/21)
  13. ProjectEqual (10/01/21)
  14. Rielyc01 (06/14/21)
  15. Supachimp (10/05/21)
  16. Tacocat (10/20/21)
  17. Tritium ((07/20/21)

Stepped down or left the Discord (4)

  1. 0xEvan(stepped down)
  2. Bitznbrew(stepped down)
  3. Chillzone(left)
  4. Noel(left)

Recruits (25)

Active (18)

  1. Gr8ness
  2. Sofiat
  3. Victor Fela
  4. AH_Wolf
  5. David (please DYOR…)
  6. Lystic
  7. Gmsteele
  8. smiley7
  9. fiyin
  10. markh.eth
  11. samsmith
  12. Teefah
  13. aakansha.eth
  14. efosa
  16. Kyon.Ada
  17. ByrontheArtist
  18. Adeleke

Inactive (6)

  1. Siapalo
  2. Blacktv
  3. Birchskin
  4. Buy
  5. Lawrence
  6. 3scavli3r

Honorary DAO-plomats (48)

Active (4)

  1. Crusher
  2. Tap.eth
  3. Britt | UMA (non-eligible)
  4. BabySpoox | UMA (non-eligible)

Semi-active (6)

  1. Ernest_of_Gaia
  2. Fran
  3. Frogmonkee
  4. Icarusz
  5. Motif
  6. Tobowers

Inactive (39)

  1. Omen (11/15/21)
  2. 0xNacho (No info)
  3. Acesontop (10/10/21)
  4. Alex Wilson (04/02/21)
  5. AlexEKoren (no info)
  6. Arosh (no info)
  7. Beeradley (no info)
  8. Brag (08/07/21)
  9. CarelessDoge (11/03/21)
  10. Devinaconley (no info)
  11. Dunks411 (10/28/21)
  12. Giantkin (11/02/21)
  13. Huxwell (10/21/21)
  14. Jonto (07/23/21)
  15. Joshf (no info)
  16. Joyce (09/21/21)
  17. Matz (11/15/21)
  18. Messchen (09/15/21)
  19. MrMeridian (11/09/21)
  20. Nico (10/28/21)
  21. Noema (10/27/21)
  22. Paul_apivat (08/11/21)
  23. Pepperoni Jo3 (11/23/21)
  24. Rliriano (09/12/21)
  25. Sponge (09/29/21)
  26. Steffen (10/01/21)
  27. ReconLion(no info)
  28. Thesmith (11/09/21)
  29. Tritium (07/20/21)
  30. Twilight Pirate (09/30/21)
  31. Wezek (07/20/21)
  32. Willyfox (10/31/21)
  33. Yonks (09/20/21)
  34. Angyts.eth (08/10/21) (retain)
  35. Chris2F (07/23/21) (retain)
  36. Eagle (11/14/21) (retain)
  37. Erin Dana (11/19/21) (retain)
  38. HowToRep (11/05/21) (retain)
  39. Joe.78 (10/09/21) (retain)
  40. Tanman (09/28/21) (retain)

UMIP Review

  1. Yuen
  2. Hexi
  3. Anu

Bounty Hunters

  1. Zapata
  2. Rau


  1. 0xEvan
  2. BitznBrew

‘Core SuperUMAns’ Process:


  • As per previous epochs the Core SuperUMAns level is only intended to be a compensation level; please refer to compensation projections for differences Comp Spreadsheet
  • A Core SuperUMAn has the same voting power and NFTs as any other SuperUMAn
  • In previous epochs the UMA team centrally managed the Core SuperUMAn level
  • Given that we are now a DAO we need a process that allows the community to promote a SuperUMAn to Core SuperUMAn compensation level

Promotion Process:

  • One must be a SuperUMAn to be eligible to self nominate for promotion to Core SuperUMAn.
  • A SuperUMAn can’t apply for both Core SuperUMAn and UMAster at the same time.
  • Core SuperUMAn nominations will follow a similar process as UMAsters such that they need to self-nominate themselves for the compensation level through emoji
  • They will start at the same time as UMAster nominations and will be open for 5 days
  • Currently there’s no cap on how many SuperUMAns can be promoted to Core SuperUMAn provided they receive the minimum number of votes by their peers as detailed below.
  • By the end of the 5 day period, the Operations team will collect testimonials, from 1 UMAster and 1 other SuperUMAn for each self-nominated SuperUMAn.
  • These testimonials, gathered up to 1 day after the nomination period, would serve as approval of the final nominations.
  • For the DAO to approve the promotion, the combined testimonials for that SuperUMAn would go up as a 24 hour emoji-based poll and have to receive 8 emoji responses: 5 from UMAsters and 3 from SuperUMAns

Important Considerations

  • The recommendation is to merge this proposal with the Active Status proposal so that it can be voted on together in governance and accordingly be ready in time for the upcoming Membership Tier changes
  • Given that the joint proposal impacts the Membership Tier changes, if there are any delays during the governance process, it is recommended to have a short delay in Membership Tier changes

Proposed amendment to Governance of the SuperUMAn DAO

(The following should be added within ‘Mechanism for Confirming Tier changes’

after point 1. ‘UMAsters nomination process’.)

  1. Starting alongside UMAster nominations, the nominations for Core SuperUMAns open for 5 days and will be indicated by a self-nomination process through emoji. The Operations team has a buffer of up to 1 day afterwards to collect a testimonial from 1 UMAster and 1 other SuperUMAn for approval of each self-nomination. A 24 hour emoji based poll for each SuperUMAn promotion to Core SuperUMAn, is organized by Operations Team by combining the two testimonials. A minimum of 8 emoji responses, 5 from UMAsters and 3 from SuperUMAns, is required in order for the SuperUMAn to be added to the proposal as a Core SuperUMAn.

What on-chain actions might this proposal entail: The on-chain actions are linked to minting the NFTs and issuing them to the correct tier level of each member.

Poll: In order for this formal proposal to move to snapshot we need a simple majority vote (51%) to vote yes. In order for this vote to be valid there is a quorum of 10% SuperUMAns and 3 Umasters that must vote yes. This poll will run for 5-7 days max.

‘Active Status’ formal proposal vote
  • Yes
  • More Discussion
  • No

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Our first formal step forward in our gov process. Hang a star on it! (Old Jerry Coleman quote).



This is a giant leap in our gov process. Great Job everyone!


This is a great way to start the journey God bless SU DAO,GOD bless UMA.


@FruityCup :smile:



Super excited with where we’re headed towards, let’s make the most of it :raised_hands:


Looks well formed and follows the discussion from the calls


Thanks to the authors and contributors to this proposal. First of many!

Full support from me.


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A well outlined proposal.


“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”
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Thanks for coming up with this Fruity, this is well thought out and well worded.