About the Formal Proposal category

Once a signal proposal has received 5 likes to indicate that it has a level of support within the community, it can be posted as a formal proposal.

The formal proposal should be a detailed write up of the signal proposal that has gained support, and be identified by the same number. An example is given in SUDAO-IP 0: Example proposal. If two or more different proposals are made from the same signal check, these should be indicated by versioning number. Examples are given in SUDAO-IP 0.1: Example proposal and Example proposal 0.2.

This proposal should include a poll with three elements

  • Yes
  • More Discussion
  • No

In order for a proposal to pass to a Snapshot vote a simple majority (51% of votes cast) is required for Yes. In order for this vote to be valid there is a quorum of 10% SuperUMAns and 3 UMAsters, with the poll running for a maximum of 7 days. If at the end of 7 days the quorum is not met, or there is no majority, the proposal will fail.

Formal proposals will be announced on a Discord announcements channel